We are a Dutch owned group of international professionals, headquartered in Holland, providing consultancy and trading services to companies in India and Europe, in the fields of (fast moving) consumer goods, capital goods, machinery and industrial equipment.

Moreover we are representing European companies (permanently) in India, as well as Indian companies in Europe. We carry a broad track record in the food processing & packaging industries, particularly in India and Europe.

Since the majority of multinationals and big companies can afford allocating own staff directly to India, with or without own local subsidiaries, experience shows, INDIA HOLLAND GROUP mainly cooperates with small to medium sized companies.

Our business philosophy is best expressed by our strong believe in the new world order. A large high growth economy, such as India, will show significant economic growth coming decades. This in contrast to Europe, which should do its very utmost to keep decline limited. Nowadays in India a consuming middle class arises, amounting to 600 million people by 2021. The INDIA HOLLAND GROUP is contributing to this global economic shift.

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